Argentine Grill with Hand Forged Accessories

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This amazing piece would not be out of place at a festival, wedding or event. Designed to cook your food low and slow over the coals, adjustable with that signature big red wheel. It comes with a side brasero. What is a Brasero? A Brasero is a fire-basket that gives you an ongoing source of hot embers for cooking. A brasero is used to help prevents smoke from impacting the taste of your food. 

Our grill comes with a hand forged coal scraper, shovel and triangle to round up the troops when it's time to eat! 

The rod at the top of the grill is ideal to hang poultry, pineapples and veg to cook slowly over the coals. There is a shelf at the bottom for storage of firewood, trays, food and utensils.

Available without legs for a built in model.