Dinosaurs And Other Prehistoric Life

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  • Hardback childrens book - 7+
  • Contains 224 pages with beautiful illustrations
  • Published by Dorling Kindersley
  • Features over 90 remarkable fossils
  • Size: 22.6cm x 2.9cm x 28.4cm

They may not want to be world-renowned paleontologists, but every youngster will enjoy Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life. It's a collection that captivates with engaging information and artwork. Each subject has both a photograph and detailed illustrations so they can study them up close and personal.

From delicate underwater plants like Deloblastus to extinct species like Stenopterygius it's an adventure of learning. They'll travel back in time to see giant sea turtles, amazing fossils, Woolly Mammoths and Tyrannosaurus skulls. There's something to interest everyone, so it's a great educational gift for kids of all ages they'll return to time after time.