Echidna Stand

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They can be placed singularly among garden shrubbery, or in a cluster make a feature.
Colour and surface will change depending on the elements it is exposed to. It does not need protection weather, enabling you to enjoy this piece of all year round.


Although pictured on a spike, this echidna on a 150 mm cross stand is an ideal feature for both indoor and outdoors. 


• 400mm x 400mm
• 150 x 150mm stand
• Easy install
• Corten steel with natural rust finish
• Designed and manufactured in the Huon Valley. Tasmania

Echidnas (/ɪˈkɪdnəz/), sometimes known as spiny anteaters, belong to the family Tachyglossidae /tækiˈɡlɒsɪdiː/ in the monotreme order of egg-laying mammals. The four extant species of echidnas and the platypus are the only living mammals that lay eggs and the only surviving members of the order Monotremata.