Eucharis Amazon Lily

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Eucharis lily (Eucharis x grandiflora) is a graceful bulb that produces fragrant white flowers similar in shape to daffodils. It is native to South America which explains it’s other common name – the Amazon lily.

For those gardeners in warmer climates the Eucharis lily makes an elegant addition to a shady corner with its glossy broad leaves and striking white flowers. They also make great container plants so gardeners in colder climates don’t despair as they can be easily grown indoors. Flowers can be cut and have a long vase life.

How To Grow the Eucharis Lily
The Eucharis lily is an evergreen bulb that originates from moist forests in South America. This means they do best in a warm sheltered spot which receives dappled shade, or morning sun and afternoon shade.They can handle darker shade but flowering will be reduced.

Improve your soil by adding plenty of organic matter like aged manures and compost. The soil also needs to be free draining so for clay soils add some eco-flo gypsum to improve drainage. If growing in a pot choose a decent sized pot so you won’t have to repot each year (they don’t like being disturbed) and use a premium quality potting mix. Plant the bulb and water in with eco-seaweed to get it off to a great start.