Peperomia Red Edge

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The succulent-like, shiny green leaves really set it apart from other indoor plants. If you’re a fan of succulents, this has a similar look but performs better indoors. The flowers are quite unusual too. They appear as long white narrow spikes and give the peperomia a unique look. All Peperomias are non-toxic for people and pets so make the perfect bedroom plant.

Basically, the Red Edge Peperomia’s dark green leaves means that it performs well in low light compared to its lighter-leaved varieties. 

Place it anywhere indoors, out of direct sunlight or the leaves will burn.  If you want to place it outside, a part shade position is perfect. 

As an indoor plant, the Peperomia will need a water probably once a week and even less if it's in a dark spot with no air circulation. However a good rule of thumb is that each time before you water check if the soil is moist first. To get a good indication, insert a finger into the soil. If it's still moist leave it for a couple of days and then try again. 

Try not to overwater your peperomia, as they store water in their fleshy leaves so are prone to rot if they have wet feet for long periods of time. This means that drainage is crucial. So remember to plant them into a pot that has a drainage hole and in a free-draining, aerated potting mix.