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Richmond Botanicals Co. PURE. NATURAL. TASMANIAN.

TASMANIAN INSPIRED CANDLE RANGE. Same great scents, NEW and improved style labels and new jars

BOTANICAL SOY CANDLE JARS.  Handcrafted in Southern Tasmania.

All hand poured in our Richmond studio, all natural creamy soy and coconut wax. Natural and obtained from sustainable resources . Palm Oil & Paraffin free wax.

Large candle has 1x NEW style wood wick, YES it has the crackle sound. I am so impressed with this new wood wick it burns perfectly EVERY time. New technology has created a wood sliver tube not the old fashioned stick that often had trouble burning.

Our medium and small jars have the new innovative all natural fibre ribbon wick, no curling, no mushrooming, no need to trim this wick EVER.

Presented in a re usable amber glass jar with silver aluminium lid. Refills offered in Tasmania. Drop empty clean jar to us instore at Richmond or at Salamanca Market site 81 (temporary site is 184 from August 8th)

Approx 30-90+ hours burn time

Rugged Tasmanian Coastline –  Stand on the rugged coastline of Tasmania, as the salty spray fills the air around you.                                       This Tasmanian scented candle fragrance is fresh, think of water and crashing waves and air pungent with salt. With a blend of herbs, florals and water. Tangy top notes of bergamot, citrus peel and sea salt blended with beach sage, eucalyptus, jasmine and lavender. Rounded with sea grass, white cedar, amber, rosewood and musk.

Tasmanian Lavender Fields  Brimming with soft and floral scents that evoke Tasmania’s majestic lavender fields.                                                             Lavender essential oil. Topped with Tasmanian grown organic lavender flower buds.

Tasmanian Pepperberry & Black Raspberry  Savour the harmonious and rich notes of handpicked Tasmanian Berries.                                      This candle  fragrance is warm and rich with an alluring fruity scent of blackberries and raspberries with white florals  a hint of vanilla and white musk, this will leave you wanting more.

Tasmanian Huon Pine  Breathe in the clean and invigorating scent of Tasmania’s ancient Huon Pine forests.                                                                          This fragrance has top notes of a cypress sprig with of blue gum leaf and a touch of lemon. With a hint of fir balsam and fresh pine needles with cedarwood, patchouli and white musk.

 Roasted Island Espresso Rich dark and complex, like waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.                                                                Our newest scent NOW AVAILABLE is a rich arabica coffee scent with a subtle added maple syrup scent.

Untamed Tasmanian Wilderness  Lose yourself in the subtle and warming scents of the untamed Tasmanian wilderness. 

My favourite scent, its mystical and warm, sweet, with touches of heliotrope and jasmine, smells like bush walking through a Tasmanian forest when our Leatherwood is in flower, topped with wildcrafted Pink Pepperberries.This scent is truly soft and subtle that evokes a walk within the deep Tasmanian wilderness. Close your eyes and imagine the low hanging clouds and the native shrubs, the flowering leatherwoods, and slivers of light between the giant ancient towering eucalypt trees. With a soft thick blanket of moist leaf litter under foot and the sound of waterfalls roaring in the distance……