Sound Bath Session with Laura Luck

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Sound Bath With Brisbane Based Artist and Practitioner Laura Luck

Join us in December when the moon is waxing for a sound bath with Brisbane artist Laura Luck. The beginning of the festive season is the perfect time for quality rest and meditation. Allow yourself some self care ahead of activity coming up to recharge your batteries ahead of the silly season. This is the perfect gift or end of year group activity.


A Sound Immersion is where you rest completely and allow the sounds to wash over and through you. Sound therapy has been used by many cultures for millennia throughout history as a means for deep holistic healing. Laura accesses this wealth of knowledge in her sound baths to help guide the mind and body through whatever it needs to release.

On the most basic level, a sound bath is a very deep meditation induced by sound, but often older injuries or wounds may reactivate to allow them to continue their healing where it may have halted. As an experience, sound baths are a very deep relaxing meditation; but many have very personal responses in accordance to their own needs.

Laura has been teaching yoga internationally and locally for over a decade, with a focus on meditation and enlightenment.

One of the first teachers to teach yin yoga in Brisbane, Laura recently completed her training in Sound Healing with Shift Meditation in Amsterdam and is furthering her study with John Beaulieu.

Laura is excited to offer this workshop where deep rest can resonate into the body and mind.

What do I bring? 

Bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a pillow to get yourself really comfy and fully immerse yourself in the experience. 

Where is it? 

Ninapatina store after hours session runs for 1.5 hours