Zed B - BBQ Top for Our Square Fire Pit

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Is there anything better than a delicious meal cooked on a wood fire? 

It’s a grill that fits onto our square fire pits. It comes with an adjustable grill plate with four different heights for four different cooking temperatures. It's low to the ground which means that you can see over the top of it while you chat to your guests and cook your meat slowly. No more having to have your back to everyone while you cook over the BBQ. 

When you're done and everyone is fed, simply lift off the hood with the wrought iron handles on the side to stoke up the fire and enjoy your Ninapatina pit with your loved ones. 

It is made from corten steel for the hood and mild steel for the grill plate ready to be seasoned to perfection. 

Two sizes -

600 square by 450 high

800 square by 500 high

Designed and manufactured in the Huon Valley Tasmania