About Us


Tasmanian metal fabricators, we are artists
who create sculptures and functional pieces
for gardens, outdoor spaces and homes. Our
metal fabrication workshop is in
picturesque Port Huon and our retail space
is in Ranelagh, Tasmania. We create and sell
a wide range of metal products from
smaller decorative oversized flowers and
birds to firepits and firewood holders,
garden edging and more. We work
alongside other Australian retailers who
align with our ethical business ethos.


W H A T  I S  N I N A P A T I N A ?

From near the still shimmering river near Port Huon, a peaceful
town on the Southern tip of Tasmania, the Ninapatina team work.
Gathering inspiration from their natural surroundings, they design
and fabricate metal sculptures and gardenware to enhance your
outdoor living experience.

O U R   V A L U E S

- Beauty through simplicity
- Ethical production
- Low waste process
- Stand out designs

We aren't in business just for profit. Our
purpose is deeper than that. We believe in
the benefits of staying small, keeping
connected and working alongisde other
small businesses aligned with our ethos.

S U S T A I N A B L E   &    S L O W
We don’t rush our work, just the opposite. Our
process is considered and intentionally slow.
We minimise waste and handcraft with care.

B U I L T   T O   B L O O M   O U T D O O R S
As time moves on, our pieces change colour
and texture with the weather. Each piece an
ever changing canvas.


Our sculptures and gardenware fit in with their natural surrounds. Created to complement their natural environments and sit harmoniously alongside Australian native plants and gardens.

F U N C T I O N A L  F O R  F U N
Most of our pieces encourage
enjoyment of the outdoors while also
serving a practical purpose.


My partner Adam and I began
creating Ninapatina metal products
7 years ago. We've grown significantly
since then but we also aim to remain
small and connected with our work
and our suppliers. If you think our
pieces might speak to your customers,
please touch base.

- Nina