Extra Tall Chimenea

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A modern take on the traditional Mexican chimenea, this huge 2 metre tall chimenea is built from 3mm Corten steel.

This unique design is a great addition to your outdoor entertainment area. It allows smoke to be safely funnelled up and away from your guests when entertaining outdoors. It is built from quality 3 mm mild steel and hand welded finished by our craftsmen.

Buyers please note that we are not able to arrange freight for this item, pick up only from Ranelagh Tasmania 7109. Please contact your local Ninapatina stockist or local carrier for a quote for shipping. 


• Natural rust finish
• 3mm Corten Steel
• Arrives assembled
• Designed and manufactured in the Huon Valley, Tasmania

Fire Risks

This product can at times involves substantial risk of injury, property damage, and other dangers. Always consult local council and fire authorities to ensure local laws are adhered to.

  • Always have a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, water source and a first aid kit near by
  • Never light during windy or total fire ban days
  • Always keep your fire pit to a small manageable burn
  • Never use under the influence of alcohol or medication
  • Always ensure responsible sober adult supervision.
  • Never leave unattended and put out fire completely when leaving.
  • Ensure there are no combustible items and trip hazards within 3 metres of the fire.
  • Do not use accelerants when lighting fire.
  • Always supervise children closely and never allow within 1.2 metres of the fire pit.
  • Beware of sharp edges on the fire pit.
  • Always handle your fire pit with riggers gloves and only when cold
  • Only ever remove grill with the handles supplied.
  • Install on a level surface.
  • Never place on wood, combustible surfaces, concrete, concrete pavers or river stones
  • Never burn any materials other than seasoned dry wood on your fire pit
  • Never use in an enclosed space, indoors or in an unventilated area

Caring for your fire pit

Your Fire pit is made from Core-Ten steel.

Why do we use COR-TEN steel? It’s durable. With an increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion, it often lasts longer than mild steel. It’s low maintenance. The protective coating of rust over the metal means there is no need for painting or costly rust-prevention work. That protective coating also slows the rate of future corrosion. It looks great. A naturally occurring oxidation process means the steel develops a patina with time. It just gets better with age.


  • Never place on a surface that may be marked by rust/water run off.
  • Clean of ash after each use
  • Always keep your burn small to not to stress the metal which may lead to warping.