Garden Spike - Tasmanian Warrahtah

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Tasmanian Waratah Garden Spike

Simply push them into the ground, to create your own unique garden sculpture. They can be placed singularly among garden shrubbery, or in a cluster make a feature.
Colour and surface will change depending on the elements it is exposed to. It does not need protection weather, enabling you to enjoy this piece of all year round.

Welded to a 900 mm mild steel rod. Available in negative (oval cut out or waratah) or positive (waratah flower only)


Great to bunch together for the gift of flowers that last forever.


• Easy install
• Corten steel with natural rust finish
• Designed and manufactured in the Huon Valley, Tasmania

Telopea truncata is an upright shrub to about 3 metres, but can occasionally be found in nature as a small tree up to 10 metres high. Like its better known relative, it has an underground lignotuber and may become multi-stemmed. It has deep green narrow oblanceolate leaves up to 10cm long which are occasionally lobed. Young branches and unopened flowerheads are often covered with brownish hairs. The blooms occur in a loose cluster of 10-20 individual flowers at the ends of the erect stems. It lacks the bracts of its showy relative. The flower colour is most commonly red, though a white form is seen occasionally. Also, uniquely for waratahs, a yellow form (forma lutea) from the Mount Wellington Range south of Hobart exists and has been brought into cultivation in Tasmania. Flowering occurs in summer (November to February in Tasmania).