Skeleton Leaf Sculpture

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Skeleton leaves are when the green fleshy part of the leaf has been eroded to reveal the hollow veins of a leaf. Our steel sculptures titled Skeleton Leaf are inspired by these. 

The are both rolled to mimic the natural curled shape of a leaf we might find in nature. 

1.6 mm steel with bracing at the rear on the large sculpture. None required for the small. 

Large 1650 x 900 x 600

Small 1200 x 600 x 400 

Designed to rust. Some will come pre rusted, others will be fresh steel. the rusting process takes about 2-3 weeks depending on your location and the weather. 

Please note that these are hand made products. There may be some variance in the sizing or the way the product has been made depending on the makers inspo at the time! This means no two will ever be precisely the same.