Steel Garden Mushrooms

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Keep your garden lively with these Steel Garden Mushrooms! Made from weather-resistant steel, they'll bring a pop of color to any outdoor area while standing up to the elements. Plus, they instantly add a touch of quirkiness that is sure to spark conversations! Now your garden can get a little shroomy-er. 🍄 Each Mushroom comes beautifully boxed, making it the perfect gift. 

Why not send some to someone special? If you's like it gift wrapped, just let us know! 

Hand made in Tasmania

Two styles -  Meanie and Spotty Boi

Meanie - 80 mm x 160 mm $24.95

Spotty Boi - 110 x 160 mm $24.95

Most mushies will come un rusted so that you can watch the rusting process happen over time. As these are a hand made product, there may be some variance in each :)